Solutions...Why Recycle Your Vehicle?

Why should you let Cash for Trash recycle your vehicle instead of just leaving it where it is, or selling it off to someone? According to Health Canada, the benefits of having your vehicle properly disposed are as follows:

Why recycle your vehicle?

Vehicles are known to be one of the primary causes of pollution to our environment. Older vehicles are proven to produce extremely high levels of smog and air pollutants that hinder our quality of life and blight the environment.

What is the background on air pollution related to motor vehicles?

All vehicles, including cars, buses, trucks and other motorized vehicles are one of the highest contributors to air pollution and have been linked with negative health effects. Engines burning fuel, whether gasoline or diesel, produce chemicals such as fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition, some of the gasoline evaporates before burning, causing additional pollution. Overall traffic related emissions are a key contributor to the formation of smog. Most Canadians are exposed to air pollution from road traffic on a daily basis, whether at home, travelling, walking or standing along a busy street. The government of Canada has introduced strict regulations to decrease pollution from motor vehicles by improving engine performance and fuel formulation, including renewable fuels. Although technology improvements have made significant reductions in vehicle emissions, there is still a cause for concern because:

  • The number of vehicles on Canada's roadways continues to increase
  • The growth in the demand for vehicles due to urban development
  • Vehicles are a main contributor to greenhouse gases

What are the health effect of pollution generated by traffic?

Air pollution from road traffic has been linked to a variety of negative health effects. Scientific studies in Canada, the United States, and Europe have shown that children living in areas with heightened volumes of traffic are more prone to respiratory-related illness symptoms than other children. Exposure to air pollution from road traffic have been linked to a number of other health issues including heart attacks, coronary artery disease and increased risk of death from respiratory and cardiac conditions. Air pollution may also worsen symptoms for those with existing heart and lung conditions. Although some evidence suggests associations with other health issues, including exacerbation of allergies and reproductive effects, further studies are required to fully understand the consequences and health impacts.

Giving your vehicle to Cash for Trash allows you to not only put money in your pocket, rid yourself of an eyesore, but also help to protect the environment for you, your children and their children!

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